The Excavation

Un-Earth Songs from ancient times
before they vanish

  1. Fanfare
  2. Just Having a Good Time
  3. Believe in Me
  4. She's a Wild Animal
  5. My Best Friend
    *Re-recorded (yet again) July 2014 *
  6. Girl of My Dreams
    (solo piano version)
  7. Cartoon (1973 recording)
  8. Flying High
  9. Cold Dispair
  10. Feelin' Jazzed
  11. Borne Overture

The excavation

Steffen Presley: piano, keyboards, clarinet, alto sax and vocals
Marc Glassman: drums
The late Kimber Glendening: drums for Cartoon

* My Best Friend: All new mix, now featuring Steffen Presley on lead vocal. This version is in the original key and sounds most like I had originally intended. All instruments played by Steffen Presley using modern gear.

all compositions by Steffen Presley
© 2014 Steffen Presley

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