Cruel Illusion

lyrics & music by Steffen Presley
verse 1: Your show assaults the senses
like some big flashy ad
provoking big offenses
now aren't you bad?

You hoped no one would notice
that you were a fraud
you thought just for a moment
that you were equal to God

chorus 1: It's a cruel illusion
  (based on collusion)
Cruel, cruel illusion
  (not mass confusion)
Just a cruel illusion
  (your big delusion)
Wake up and get your ass in line!
verse 2: Little piggy went to market
to buy a lot of shares
you saw them all get richer
Till greed woke up the bears

You're just another lemming
marching over the cliff
Till you win the lottery
You're just another working stiff

chorus 2: 'cause it's a cruel illusion
  (a cash infusion)
Cruel, cruel illusion
  (foregone conclusion)
Just a cruel illusion
  (catch my allusion?)
Get real, it's only smoke and mirrors
bridge: Believing lies and distorting facts
only hear what you want to hear
media, religious and political acts
always play to that fear, creating
Cruel Illusions! Cruel, cruel illusion
©2001 Steffen Presley