Over the Line

lyrics and music by Steffen Presley and Joe Carbone
A1 Oh, this takes me back, while time moves on
we went over the line
while you were looking the other way
you didn't catch all the signs
B1 ooh, baby you know we really shouldn't be doing this.
but I just can't resist your funky thing
don't tell anyone, but...
A2 Well, everyone says not to go this way
but I'll be just fine
we made our bed, now we'll sleep in it
we crossed over the line
B2 ooh, baby you know we've gone too far now
it's getting' too jiggy baby
don't stop, it's making me...
Bridge It makes no difference
what they say about
our fling...this thing
It serves no purpose
other than to do
mind games
do this gig, to the funk
in the zone, now!
A3 So, we moved on ahead as time goes back
we tripped over the line
we gave it everything that we could
time to get back in line
©2000 Steffen Presley, Joe Carbone