Rattle My Cage

lyrics and music by Steffen Presley, Joe Carbone and Rick Bozzo
verse 1: It makes no difference
what others may say
'cause I know what I want
and I go my own way

but I really need to know
If I should let you go
'cause I hate to be ignored
so, c'mon baby rock me!

chorus: C'mon now, rattle my cage
    (let me out for the big rampage)
C'mon now, don't yank my chain
    (it makes me so insane)
verse 2: I often wonder
what might have been
Had I done more to prepare
For a world that doesn't care

Time to get in on the action
Without so much distraction
and I need to make a noise
so, c'mon baby rock me!

(chorus 2x)


So let me out of this mental jail
Let's shake things up
so they don't get stale
oh the world is very large
but this cage is so small
please look around
and find the lock and key
Set me free...

(chorus vamp)

© 2002 S. Presley, J. Carbone, R. Bozzo