Veil of Tears

lyrics and music by Steffen Presley
verse 1: We try and make a joke
for laughter to ease the pain
but sometimes we just choke
when trying is in vain

We play our little game
making up the rules
We try to make a name
but really we're just fools

verse 2: Our enemies we defile
acting so uncouth
Our weapon is denial
When we can't face the truth

We tell our little lies
but don't want the same
we'll severe all our ties
but won't take the blame

chorus: so we hide behind
a veil of tears
as we cover up
our trail of fears

We made believe
for all those years
that we could lift
our veil of tears

(solo over verse)

verse 3: The world seems so unjust
It's always dog eat dog
We must find our way to adjust
Make our way through the fog


we could lift
our veil of tears
veil of tears

©2000 Steffen Presley